Drury Designs


Project Background

Client: Drury Designs

Studio: Orbit Media Studios

Goals: The client needed to update on their previous design. The client was using customized software to manage clients and leads, a major goal was to connect the contact form to communicate with their lead gen system. Another key point was to migrate the blog from Expression Engine to WordPress. Finally there were many adjustments and tweaks to make the site

See the live site

Project Tools

Wordpress Theme: DIVI – custom Child theme

PHP for template modification

SCSS for style changes

3rd party APIs to integrate contact form

Custom templates for the blog

The Challenge

The original blog used a different CMS that would not directly import to WordPress.

The Solution

The database was exported and modified and reorganized in order to communicate with WordPress properly

Modified the template and CSS to match the used a CSS property that split it 50/50

The Challenge

The contact form needed to integrate with a 3rd party API to seemlessly populate a contact lead generation.

The Solution

There was a lot of experimenting to theto get this feature to work. After testing the contact plugins, it was decided to move to another plugin. The plugin got 90% of the features, but it would not work properly. Eventually, I worked with the developer to update the plugin and the client’s goal was met.