WordPress Development

I have always been a developer, I just didn’t know it. In 2015 I joined Orbit Media Studios and made that dream a reality. I started developing WordPress sites. Soon I became a lead dev and took on more responsibility. I eventually began building custom templates and managing a themed WordPress sandbox. I have been  contributing to the WordPress community since.

I am currently available for freelance projects.


Front End & Back End Devlopment

I have deployed WordPress on iPage, WPEngine and customized deployment on Digitalocean; built woo-commerce stores; built a WP community on buddypress; and developed custom plugins.

3rd Party API and Plugin Integration

All projects are different and have unique requirements. A WordPress plugin may offer the additional functionality that checks almost all the boxes, but the may need some finesse to work. Drury – Contact Form , Cool Rides – Forum

Tools Of the Trade

“I wanna go fast” – Ricky Bobby

At one point all WordPress devs just want to develop fast. My dev toolkit uses these tools to automate build tasks:

  • NPM
  • Gulp
  • SCSS
  • Bootstrap
  • CLI


Cross Browser, Mobile, & Accessibility Testing

 Since 2016 smarthpone browsing has over taken desktop, making developers and designers focus on a mobile design and UX. One of my standard testing practices is to make sure the site works for as many people as possible, even if some of those people use IE8.

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